Skin-tight suit, blades sharpened, head down, hands behind the back, in search of the right pace, the perfect turn, the skaters shoot around the track like arrows. Athletes compete one-on-one, changing lanes with each lap.

Event:  Men's 500 m
  13 Feb 2006
Time:  15:30 (3:30p) - 17:30 (5:30p)
Venue:  Torino Oval Lingotto

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Short Track
Everyone against everyone, with a body leaning forward at 40, one hand touching the ice in the turns, trying to best your opponents without ever touching. Competitors will be looking to beat the Koreans, Chinese, and Canadians.

Event:  Final 1500M, Qual 500W, Relay Qual 3000W
Date:  12 Feb 2006
Time:  19:30 (7:30p) - 22:30 (10:30p)
Venue:  Torino Palavela

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