Day 6
We were able to sleep in until about 8:00a and had breakfast before heading back to the north.  The trip back took over 10 hours and that included a stop to do some shopping in Switzerland.

Just a Few Thoughts
The trading of country pins is a very popular "event" at the Olympics.  Fans from around the world come with pins representing their respective countries and look to trade with fans of other nations.  We were aware of this before leaving for the Olympics, but weren't aware of how big of a deal this was.  The next time we will be armed with plenty of pins to trade.  We did manage to get Russian and Canadian pins and a Japanese Cherry Blossom pin, Flag, and straw hats.

One thing that made a lasting impression on us was how people from different nations can put aside any differences they may have and come together to share in the Olympic moment.  To bad every day can't be an Olympic moment.

This was our first Olympics and chances are it won't be our last.  If we can swing, it's on to Beijing in 2008, otherwise, we'll see you in Vancouver in 2010!

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